1. Infant | Toddler Swim Lessons

Age Group: 6 months - 2½ / 3 years
Lesson Duration: 30 minutes
Group lesson, with Mom/Dad in the pool

Lessons are taught in a gentle and child friendly manner, making use of songs and games to teach the little ones.

2. Learn-to-Swim Lessons

Age Group: 2 years old and upwards
Lesson Duration: 15 minutes / 30 minutes, for more advanced students.
One-on-one lesson

3. Learn-to-Swim Lessons - Group

Age Group: From 4 years old.
Lesson Duration:
15 min twice a week/30 min once a week.
Group lesson consists of 2 swimmers

4. Swim Lessons - Intensive

Age Group: All ages
Lesson Duration: 15 / 30 minutes each,
depending on swimmers level and age.
School Holiday Special:
5 one-on-one lessons in 5 consecutive days

5. Swim Lessons - Adult

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes
One-on-one lesson

6. Stroke Correction Lessons

Lesson Duration: 15 minutes /
30 minutes, depending on student.
One-on-one lesson

7. Squads

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes
Group lesson

To join the squad swimmers, swimmer needs to be able to swim all four basic strokes.
Swimmers are placed in groups according to their level and not their age.